Čuvardić Winery

Čuvardic Wine Farm-house is located in the old family-owned vineyard. Aside from the vineyard guard’s house and an old wine cellar from 1928, there is the new wine. The present owners belong to the third generation of winemakers, certifying that love and skills are used to make wine here. Here, we are speaking of a luxurious wine card comprising old indigenous to new wine varieties. The Čuvardić wines have won numerous medals and prizes. A pleasant ambiance and warm hosts are also important to create a memorable experience on top of high quality wine – and this farm-house has it in abundance. Wine tasting is organized in a rustic vineyard guard's house or in the garden. Specialities of the traditional local cuisine are served for the groups that have made prior arrangements. There is a possibility to engage a tamburitza orchestra to entertain the guests, too. Visitors that wish to experience the real appeal of a farm-house, are offered to stay the night in the old farm-house with the interior that has preserved its authenticity down to the smallest details. Getting here As you leave Subotica in the direction of the Kelebija border-crossing and having crossed the railroad after 2 km, you will find the Čuvardić Wine Farm-house. To the left side of the road, lies a white vineyard guard's house with a decorative grape and barrel made of wrought-iron and a vineyard in the background. This is the Čuvardic WineFarm-house. Visiting hours Only by prior arrangement! Wines Buvie, Kevidinka, Chardonnay, Csersegi Fűszeres Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon Recommendation The Buvie is a nice delicate wine with pleasant flowery aromas and mild acids. It is consumed chilled to 9 degrees and served with white meats and fish. Wine Tasting 3 white and 2 red whine varieties or as agreed upon Minimum and maximum number of visitors 15-40 (up to 60 in the summer)

Edvarda Kardelja 139, Kelebija