Ludaš Zone - Nature

Twelve kilometres eastbound from Subotica lies Hajdukovo village and the lake Ludaš - a listed bird sanctuary. It covers the lake and the wetlands around it and together with the Selevényi Puszta listed sanctuary makes an area rich in bird species and habitats of rare and endangered plants and animals. There are four (from 700 to 5500 m long) educational paths starting from the modern Ludaš Visitors’ Centre, that is on the northern bank of the lake. From April till September birdwatching can be organized here. Next to the Visitors’ Centre is a restaurant, the Szúnyog Csárda. Here, on the reedy banks of the lake Ludaš, in an authentic hut made of reed - visitors are awaited with excellent fish specialties. The Csárda (tscharda) is opened from May to November. Heading East along the lake a hundred-year old farmhouse (that hosts an interesting ethnographic, natural and archaeological collection of items found in the vicinity of the lake) can be reached. It is the Róka farm. Visits may be organized from mid April till the end of October. Further south, not far from Palić, lies the Furioso horsing centre. LUDAŠ VISITORS' CENTRE, Hajdukovo, Prespanska 12, +381 (0) 24 753 570, SZÚNYOG CSÁRDA RESTAURANT, Hajdukovo, Prespanska 12, +381 (0) 24 758-083, BIRDWATCHING, Riparia NGO, +381 (0) 24 553 106, THE RÓKA FARM, Hajdukovo, Nosa, +381 (0) 64 1223 504, THE FURIOSO HORSING CENTRE, Šupljak, Kostolanji Arpada 40, +381 (0) 69 343 64 58