Local wine sorts

Wine region

Serbian Subotica-Horgoš wine region is a part of the great Pannonian sands between the rivers Danube and Tisa. Here, vineyards cover belt north of Subotica and Palić.

The experience of grape growers and winemakers have resulted in the natural selection of grape varieties that proved to possess the best qualities of adaptation to the local climate and dominantly sandy terrain while at the same time capable of producing wines of the highest quality.

There are quite some number of wineries, from small family wineries and cosy wine cellars to a world-class estate recognized beyond the borders of the country.

History of wine production

For about 300 years of wine-making history on sands around Subotica and Palić, the best years were from the 1880s to 1980s. Today, we are witnessing a renaissance in winemaking in Subotica sands as a result of juncture of traditional and modern technology applied to winemaking.

Local wine sorts

Local wines are fresh, crisp, slightly acid with a fruity complex and lively. A true wine that expresses the very sand are old sorts: white Kevedinka and red Kadarka but they are not the only preserved local old wine sorts. Today some new wine sorts, new to this wine region, are being introduced such as Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet, Sauvignon and Merlot. Both, old and new wines from this wine region, won many national and international prizes and awards.

Wine pairing

The great way of enjoying wine is to pair it with its best companion, the local cuisine.

  • Intensely flavoured foods need intensely flavoured wines
  • Acidic foods need higher acid wines
  • Sweet foods need to be paired with a wine that is at least as sweet or sweeter
  • Avoid tannin wines with oily fish or hot spice
  • Pair off-dry to sweet wines to help counteract spice heat
  • Well salted meats make red wines taste less tannin and softer
  • Crisp acid whites pair well with salty food
  • Pair crisp acidic whites with fatty or deep fried foods