Di Bonis Winery

Nature's wealth accompanied by modern technology distinguishes the DiBonis Winery with its production of high quality wines and fruit brandies. Even though the region has become well known for its white grape varieties, red varieties have also been planted and they mature rather well because of the high number of sunny days, especially the Shiraz. The DiBonis Winery produces about ten wine varieties and some twenty types of fruit brandies. Both the wines and the brandies by the DiBonis Winery have won significant prizes at numerous competitions.

Wine tasting is organized in the building next to the winery that houses the Wine Vault inside its rustic cellar, guarding the valuable, high quality wines.

The vineyard is located in the vicinity and it consist of a farm-house, next to which a yurt is built, an antique furnace, a terrace and an observatory that overlooks the entire vineyard completing the picture of an ideal, peaceful ambiance, typical of Vojvodina - perfect to enjoy a glass of high quality wine.

Getting here

The winery is located on the right side of the road in the direction from Subotica to Palić, and there are well marked signs indicating the way. The vineyard is located on the other side of the road, in the settlement of Radanovac.

Visiting hours

Bookings are made from 8 am to 1 pm on working days and groups are welcomed from 10 am to 8 pm.


DiShiraz, DiCabernet, DiFranc, DiMerlot, DiNoir, DiVranac, DiChardonnay, DiSauvignon, DiMuscat, DiRiesling, DiChardonnay Barrique, DiRose


The blend DiShiraz Cuveé has dark purple colour, an intensive aroma and fragrance, with a rich texture. The fragrance of this wine gives the impression of ripe berries with encircled spicy scents of pepper and bay leaf, attributing impulsiveness to the wine.

Wine Tasting

6 wine varieties

Minimum and maximum number of visitors

10 - 45

Tuk ugarnice 14, Subotica