Maurer Winery

The Maurer Winery is on the sands, located east of lake Palić and lake Ludaš. The vineyard is hoed using a traditional method, manually or using a horse The wines mature naturally, through a natural process of fermentation using wild yeasts.
The taste of wine is defined by the terroir - flavours and fragrances of flowers and herbs growing in the vineyard. Top-quality wines are produced here as the result of hard work and much love. Many wines by this winery have been awarded prizes.
The present owners belong to the fourth generation of the well-known line of winemakers. Therefore, you can find old wine varieties that are also indigenous ones.
Wine tasting can be organized in an authentic wine cellar dug into the yellow sand (16 Sarajevska Street) or in the cellar of an old Art Nouveau style house in the village of Hajdukovo (opening in summer of 2014)
Getting here
As you reach Hajdukovo village from the direction of Subotica and Palić, after one kilometre there is a road sign leading the way to the Visitors' Centre. At this point take a right turn into Prvomajska Street and then take the next right. You have reached Sarajevska Street. Number 16 and the cellar is on the left side. The second cellar is located on the way to the Ingus Castle that can be reached if you take the left turn in the centre of Hajdukovo, into Omladinskih Brigada Street. As you cross the railroad, the wine cellar is located to the left side of the road.
Visiting hours
From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please be advised to make arrangements!
Sremska Zelenika, Kadarka, Medenac, Kevedinka, Slankamenka and other.
Sremska Zelenika by the Maurer Winery is a wine full of fragrance and aroma, an elegant white wine with nice acids, tasting of green apple and vineyard peach.
Wine Tasting
6 to 10 wine varieties
Minimum and maximum number of visitors

Sarajevska 16, Hajdukovo